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Are you ready for a challenge?

There are many facets to the field of accounting, yet sometimes individuals can be pigeon-holed before they really can explore the field. Often, one gets settled in a position, then personal and social obligations make it difficult to pursue another area. In addition, an accountant may find that he has reached the “top” at his current employer and needs a new challenge.


That’s where a recruitment company can be so beneficial as the right company can lead a client to a new more challenging position or into a new area of the field that the client may want to explore.


Here are questions to ask yourself when meeting with a recruiter.


  • Does the recruiter listen to your needs or simply talk about  positions that you have no desire to pursue?

  • Does the recruiter call and ask permission before he sends your resume to another company?

  • Does the recruiter push you to interview for positions you are not interested in?

  • Is the recruiter genuinely interested in placing you with the best company available or does he seem to be pursuing his own commission?


The right recruiting firm can take you from a dead-end job to a new, exciting place in your career.  If you feel like your career interests are not being met, find a new recruitment company.




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